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The best of plants, fruits and aromatherapy for naturally radiant beauty at all ages. Whether your skin is dry or oily, sensitive or normal, whether you have only 30 minutes or several hours, Laura can recommend the aromatic treatment that is best for you, both at the salon and at home.


Soli-Tone is a unique skin rejuventation device that uses light therapy and special currents to turn back the clock on aging, sun-damaged skin, minor acne, redness and uneven pigmentation. This multi-platform system features two distinct facial treatments:
the Lumi-Lift and the Lumi-Facial. Simultaneous application of these technologies mutually enhances their individual effectivness, promoting cellular rejuvenation from within.

Soli-Tone is the first treament device to combine two proven technologies: Light energy and microcurrents to treat condition in the epidermis, dermis, and muscular regions without discomfort.

Combing Light Therapy with Micronized currents erases years from the appearance of your skin without the use of drastic and painful surgical procedures. LumiLift restores a natural, youthful appearance to the skin. 

60 Min

LumiFacial treatment uses a blend of wavelenghts and different colored lights to correct skin condtions such as acne, brown age spots, redness and photo-damaged skin (aging skin)

How the Lumi-Facial works is that it targets common skin problems, such as above. During the treatment, a wrap around facial panel is positioned in front of your face. The Soli-tone selects the specific Light Energy required for your skin type and condition. At the end of the treatment, the esthetician will apply special products using a polarized current. This final step enhances the penetration of these products and promotes their effectiveness.

This treatment is very comfortable, most clients fall asleep during this procedure. Unlike laser or IPL treatments that rely on thermal damage, Lumi-Facial treatments are non-invasive and totally natural.  They use light from the visible spectrum, similar to sulight but without the harmful UV rays.

60 Min

Lumi-Lift procedure is a revolutionary way of rejuventatin the skin and lifting sagging muscles. It is performed with two special electordes that feature an advanced application of Micronized current and light energy. During the Lumi-Lift treatment, a pulsating light is directed at the skin surface. Light passes through the layers of the skin and penetrates into the dermis. This powerful light stimulates the fibroblast cell to produce more collagen. The increased production of collagen smoothes and softens the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the size of pores, and improves skin texture. At the same time, the electrodes emit Micronized currents to tone and lift sagging muscles.

At the end of the treatment, an anitoxidant product is infused into your skin using two special electrodes to smooth away facial creases.

Micronized currents are non-invasive. They stimulate and resemble the biological currents that your body produces to tighten muscles. Extensive clinical research has shown that these currents are able to lift and tone the muscles.  

How many treatments do I need?
Age, lifestyle, and skin condition will influence the number of treatments needed.  Your esthetician will be able to evaluate your skin, and tell you the estimated number of sessions needed. Generally, 6-10 treatments to achieve optimal results.

How long will the effects of the Lumi-Lift procedure last?
Improvements continue for at least 3 months after a single session. After completing a series, depending on the rate of the aging process, changes can last over one year. A good skin care regimen combined with a monthly maintenance treatment is sufficient to enhance and maintan the result of the Lumi-Lift treatment.

LumiFacial / LumiLift Package
90 Min
Combine both technologies to create firmer, smoother looking skin.

Ultimate Anti-Age Combo

Microcurrent Face Lift and Microdermabrasion
Combines two of the most popular treatments. Lumilift therapy work from the inside out. Two specially designed lifting electrodes, using powerful Extreme Super-Luminous LEDs pulsate light at a wavelength of 640 nanometers to stimulate light absorbing photoreceptors in the skin to induce a cellular response. Pulsed red light triggers a wave of energy that stimulates the fibroblast cells and repair mechanisms . Muscle tissue is reconstructed and re-educated to help achieve visible lifting results, restoring facial contour. Microdermabrasion will help sweep away any dry skin build up and help with better penetration of light and lift therapy.
For the Hands:A Specialized treatment to erase the signs of aging, using LED light therapy to increase collagen, reduce brown spots, and renew the appearance of the hands. (This service can be added to any facial treatment for a special price of $30.00)
Lumi Eyes
For the Eyes:Using both Microcurrent and Red LED Light Therapy, this treatment will reorganize the muscles around the eyes to lift any sagging, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and increase collagen.(This service can be added to any facial treatment for a special price of $30.00)
Add On: Microdermabrasion
A mirco-dermabrasion add on is a great way to get a deep exfoliation boost when doing a Solitone treatment. It will sweep away dry, dead skin buildup so that the light\lift therapy will be enhanced.

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